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CTISS PhD Student-Led Research Seminar Event 

In 2019, CTISS is pleased to announce a new initiative in the form of PhD student-led research seminars. The goal of the seminar is for a current PhD student to present their work-in-progress alongside one of their PhD supervisors and an externally invited scholar with relevant research interests. The structure of the seminar involves three presentations and discussion about how the themes interweave and influence the work of the PhD student. Thus you are invited to attend the inagural seminar as follows:


When: Wednesday 22ndMay, 13.15-16.15

Where:Heriot-Watt University, Esme Fairbairn Building, room 26 (Lecture Theatre)  

Title: Corporeal Translations: Considering space and the embodied nature of theatre translation and interpreting


PhD student: Danny McDougal

Supervisor presenter: Dr Annelies Kusters

External presenter: Dr Geraldine Brodie (UCL) 


Overview: Within the framework of Danny’s doctoral research focusing on the intersection of human geography, deaf studies, and sign language interpreting for the theatre, this seminar will seek to extend the discussion to identify ways in which sign language interpreted theatre intersects with researchers focused on the area of translation for the theatre in languages that are spoken. This seminar will reach across boundaries of translation and interpretation and of language modality. Danny’s area of research is centred on the ways in which space influences the experience of sign language interpreted performances (SLIPs). Dr Annelies Kusters will contribute her knowledge about deaf geographies, and Dr Brodie’s participation will draw on her expertise in translation for the stage. The seminar will offer insight into how translation and interpreting studies intersect, and how modality of languages involved in translation intersects with established (and developing) theories.

Dr Geraldine Brodie is a Lecturer in Translation Theory and Theatre Translation in the Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry at UCL, where she convenes the MA in Translation Theory and Practice. She initiated the UCL Theatre Translation Forum, and has conducted research on the role of the translator on the stage. Dr Annelies Kusters is an Assistant Professor in Sign Language & Intercultural Research in the Department of Languages & Intercultural Studies at Heriot-Watt University. She specializes insocial and cultural anthropology and deaf studies, investigating multimodal languaging between deaf and hearing signers in a variety of countries and contexts.